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Woman says oven explodes inches from her face

BONITA SPRINGS, FL - "I just turned and it exploded in my face right here," said Kathleen Richichi.

Kathleen Richichi still shaken as she walks through the moments just before she says, the glass door of her Matag oven exploded while she was crouching down next to it, just inches away.

"I stood up and I was afraid to look at myself. I thought oh my God I am bleeding everywhere.  It happened so fast, it was so loud.  There was glass everywhere," said Kathleen.

Kathleen never hearing of anything like this happening before, called Whirlpool, the company who makes Maytag.  She says they sent out a service technician the following day.

"The gentleman that was here said that he had never seen or heard of anything like that happening to anybody," said Kathleen.

The company's solution to the problem.

"They said they would fix it, but I would have to pay for the labor," said Kathleen.

That charge adding up to one hundred and seventy bucks a repair Kathleen is refusing to pay because her concerns are now for the safety of others.

"If this happens again, as I said if I am looking at my oven and I am looking at what is cooking in there that is going to explode in my face.  I don't want to see that happen to somebody else."

After writing a letter to the CEO of Whirlpool and getting nowhere she turned to four in your corner for help.  So we decided to call the company ourselves to get to the bottom of what's going on.  They asked us to send an email with the specifics and said they would get back to us leaving Kathleen a woman who loves to cook.

"I have not cooked a meal since this has happened," said Kathleen.

Afraid to step foot in her kitchen and worried this could happen again.

"I want them to admit that this happened because of an error in this stove," said Kathleen.




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